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Frequently asked questions

What is the tuition fee at the University?

What are the faculty members of the University?

What is covered by the “Nazarbayev University” educational grant?

What is plagiarism?

What service does Nazarbayev University offer for graduates’ employment?

What is a credit system of education?

What do NU students do at their leisure time?

What are living conditions in dormitory?

What is Grade Point Average (GPA)?

Will the students be provided with dormitory accommodation?

Is it required to take the Unified National Test (UNT) to apply to Nazarbayev University?

What is NUFYP?

How is Nazarbayev University (NU) different from other universities in Kazakhstan?

Who is eligible to participate in the selection process for admission to NUFYP program?

Is GPA in the school diploma/university diploma taken into consideration during admission to NU?

Are there any preparatory courses for NU entrance exams at the University?

What is the registration fee during the application process?

What is the composition of the Admissions Committee and how the selection of candidates is fulfilled?

Is there any requirement to pay back the sum of the “Nazarbayev University” educational grant if a student drops out of the University?

Are there additional test dates for applicants who have been studying abroad during NU entrance examinations?

For what reasons can a student be dismissed from the University?

What are the stages of admission to NUFYP program?

What is the language of instruction at Nazarbayev University?

What is the University’s position to Kazakh language learning by the students?

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