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Graduate Programs


School of Engineering

The Nazarbayev School of Engineering (SEng) aims to be the leading engineering school in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The SEng's goal is to prepare its graduates to meet the growing demand for professional practitioners in the fields of chemical, mechanical, civil and electronic engineering. SEng is the largest school by number of Nazarbayev University students enrolled. Currently, SEng is proud to offer graduate program in Master of Engineering Management and PhD in Science and Engineering.



School of Science and Technology

The Nazarbayev School of Science and Technology (SST) create a unique intellectual environment for its students and faculty. The proposed educational programs are designed based on the results of research on the learning process and the application of innovative approaches to teaching and learning. SST has the widest range of undergraduate and graduate degrees offered at Nazarbayev University. At a graduate level the SST offer MSc in Biological Sciences degree.



School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) programs are designed to train leaders in all aspects of social development to have versatile knowledge in the field of social, liberal and natural sciences. SHSS teaches its students to solve intellectual challenges they may encounter in their life and career regardless of their career choice. SHSS holds the largest number of seminars on the most important issues, open to the public. SHSS offers MA in Eurasian Studies, MA in Political Science and International Relations and MA in Economics.


School of Mining and Geosciences

The School of Mining and Geosciences at the Nazarbayev University aims to be a world-class institution, which develops new knowledge, talent and leadership within the area of natural resources. We plan to do this by educating highly qualified professionals and undergraduates with up-to-date knowledge and skills in earth science and related subjects, conducting world-class research and producing venerable research outcomes in the fields of prospecting, extracting and processing of natural resources in safe, sustainable, and economical ways.



School of Medicine

The goal of Nazarbayev University School of Medicine (NUSOM) is to train physicians to become skilled and compassionate science-based clinicians focused on bettering the human condition, advancing the fundamental understanding of medical science, and are prepared to make a major contribution to the development of medicine and medical science in Kazakhstan.



Graduate School of Public Policy

The President N. Nazarbayev has stated that it’s time to prepare a new generation of policy makers and leaders. In the “Strategy for development of the Republic of Kazakhstan until the year 2030” presented in October 1997 the President announced: “Our task is to create in Kazakhstan an efficient modern state service and management structure best suited for market economy; form the Government capable of realizing priorities; build a state protecting national interests”.

To fulfill this task Nazarbayev University is building a world-class public policy school which aims to raise the standards of governance in Kazakhstan and Central Asia through professional public policy education and research. We thrive as the leading School of public policy in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, conducting high-quality research on the region’s most pressing policy challenges and training the next generation of policy makers and leaders.


Graduate School of Business

The Nazarbayev University was instituted with the vision to create graduates prepared to the highest international standards to contribute to research, education, and the national economy. Its mission is to advance the development of education and research in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as to contribute to Astana's aspiration to become the research and educational center of Eurasia. As a natural outgrowth of that mission, NU's Graduate School of Business entered into an agreement with the Duke University's Fuqua School of Business (US) to build a world-class business school in Astana. Duke's Fuqua School of Business, located in Durham, North Carolina, is an internationally recognized business school with full-time MBA program ranked #1 in the 2014 Bloomberg Business Week ranking of top business schools. The school has a global network with presence in London, Dubai, New Delhi, Shanghai and St. Petersburg. Fuqua also has a history of innovation, having launched three MBA programs for working professionals and most recently an MMS program. 

The collaboration between our schools leverages leadership, faculty and staff expertise in building the NUGSB from the ground up. The initial focus has been to develop high caliber MBA programs that prepare the next generation of business leaders to succeed, while building faculty strength and increasing the research capabilities of the institution.


Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education (GSE) admitted its first students in September 2013. The main objective of the Graduate School of Education is to promote the further development of the education sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan by training future generations of educational managers and researchers. The School offers Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs and professional development programs.