Selection process

Upon completion of the three stages of the selection process, the Admission Committee recommends Applicants for provisional admission. These Applicants shall submit the following documents to the University.

Any documents submitted in foreign languages shall be translated into Kazakh or Russian and notarized.

Failure to provide the required documents in time will result in Applicant’s disqualification from further participation in the competition. 

The main admission criteria are as follows:

1. NUFYP Entrance Test results

2. IELTS results. In case of equal overall score, priority will be given to Applicants with the highest scores in sections by following primacy - Writing, Listening, Reading, Speaking.

3. other achievements (academic, research, sport and artistic).

 List of documents to be submitted by the Applicant:

1.     filled out additional application form (filled out in Personal account and printed by Applicant);

2.     a notarized copy of national identity card, passport

3.     for Applicants under the age of 16 - certificate of birth and an original copy of a statement from educational institution with a photograph,;

4.     a notarized copy of certificate/diploma on completion of a secondary school, technical, vocational or post-secondary school or university with transcript (if available at the time of document submission). Applicants who have not finished their studies shall submit the required documents when received.

5.     an original copy of valid IELTS or TOEFL certificate, if an Applicant passed the test independently;

6.     086-U form medical certificate released not earlier  than January 1st of the current year of its submission to the University;

7.     an original copy of X-ray results taken not later than one year before it is submitted to the University;

8.     2 copies of 063-U form vaccination card or vaccination passport;

9.     copies of certificates of achievements, letters of recognition and awards received over the last 3 years during the study and other documents confirming Applicants’ personal achievements, if available;

10. an original copy of signed consent for personal data processing.

In addition, foreign citizens or stateless individuals shall submit a copy of  health insurance certificate valid for the entire period of studies. 

Any documents submitted to the University are not subject to return.