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Foundation Program

NUFYP (Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Program) – a one year intensive program at the Centre for Preparatory Studies of Nazarbayev University. The program provides an intensive academic, scientific and language proficiency preparation to the undergraduate programs of Nazarbayev University. Education under "Nazarbayev University" state grant, as well as tuition based education are available for this program. Following the results of study at NUFYP, Nazarbayev University Schools accept students for further education at the undergraduate programs.

How to apply

Applicants must go through the online registration process to sign up for the entry examinations to the Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Program.

Entry Examinations and Requirements

Applicants meeting the following eligibility criteria can take part in the competition:

Important Dates


Selection process

Upon completion of the three stages of the selection process, the Admission Committee recommends Applicants for provisional admission.


Based on the competition results and evaluation of Applicants’ documents, the Admission Committee recommends successful Applicants for admission to the Centre for Preparatory Studies of Nazarbayev University.

Enrollment on a fee-paying basis

Following applicants can participate in the selection process for the enrollment for a fee-paying education:

Useful Resources

List of topics for NUFYP Entrance Test: