Zero Year of Master’s Programs

The aim of the program is to give students the support needed to acquire English language proficiency and academic skills required to successfully begin master’s level studies.

Satisfactory completion of the Program will permit the students to progress to the Master’s programs of the University to which they applied and for which they were interviewed.

Application opens 

February 2018

Eligibility criteria

In order to participate in the selection process for admission to the Program, an applicant must:
1)meet the criteria for admission to the specific master’s program to which an applicant is applying (except the English language requirements; please read below)
2) have valid overall IELTS test score of 5.5 with no more than one sub-score of 5.0, or the equivalent TOEFL scores as posted on the ETS website.

Type of program    


Start date of the program

August-September 2018

Length of the program

9 months

Location of the program

Nazarbayev University, Astana.

Contact details





May 13, 2018 (online registration is closed)

Graduate school of Business
Master of Science in Finance

April 30, 2018 (online registration is closed)

Graduate school of Public Policy

Master in Public Administration

Master in Public Policy

May 15, 2018 (online registration is closed)

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
MA in Political Science and International Relations
MA in Eurasian Studies
MA in Economics

May 15, 2018 (online registration is closed)

Graduate school of Education
MA in Multilingual Education
MSc in Educational Leadership

May 25, 2018

School of Engineering
Master of Engineering Management

May 14, 2018 (online registration is closed)

School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine
Master of Public Health
Master of Molecular Medicine 



July 10, 2018

June 10, 2018

School of Mining and Geosciences

Master of Science in Mining Engineering 
Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering

June 15, 2018

School of Science and Technology
MSc in Biological Sciences
MSc in Physics
MSc in Robotics
MSc in Computer Sciences

MSc in Applied Mathematics

MSc in Chemistry

June 1, 2018

School of Engineering
MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering
MSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering
MSc in Chemical and Materials Engineering
MSc in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering