As a winner/ prize-winner of the International Subject Olympiads awarded by gold, silver and bronze medals for the last three years and Republican Olympiad winners/ prize-winners awarded by gold and silver medals for the current academic year to the School of Mining and Geosciences, you are required to have:

IELTS –or TOEFL iBT TOEFL PBT  - - no minimum score

List of International Subject Olympiads

1.    International Mathematics Olympiad - IMO
2.    International Physics Olympiad - IPHO
3.    International Chemistry Olympiad -IChO
4.    International Biology Olympiad  IBO
5.    International Olympiad in Informatics – IOI
6.    International Zhautykov Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
7.    International Mendeleyev Chemistry Olympiad

List of Republican Subject Olympiads of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1.    Republican  Mathematics Olympiad
2.    Republican Physics Olympiad
3.    Republican  Chemistry Olympiad
4.    Republican  Biology Olympiad
5.    Republican  Informatics Olympiad

The required documents to be delivered to the Admissions Department to the address: office 1123, Block1, 53 Kabanbay Batyr Ave., 010000, Astana city,

List of the documents for candidates

1.    Application form.
2.    Notarized copy of passport or national ID, or birth certificate for applicants under the age of 16.
3.    Notarized copy of secondary school certificate  (Attestat) with final academic performance records or its foreign equivalent or academic reports  with provisional scores acknowledged by the school with obligation to submit the hard copies of the notarized document in due time.
4.    Medical certificate (form 086-У)* with the chest X-Ray image* and vaccination record or passport (form 063-У)*.
5.    Signed Applicant/Student Consent Form on Personal Data Processing.
6.    One 3х4 size photo*.
7.    Personal Statement in English.
8.    Valid official IELTS certificate* or its electronic version or TOEFL certificate** or its electronic version with obligation to submit a hard copy of the official certificate in due time.
9.    Notarized copy of Diploma/certificate of International Olympiad (only for International Olympiad winners indicated in Appendix 2 to these Regulations)*.
10.     A copy of an insurance policy on health insurance valid for the entire study term* (only for foreign citizens or stateless individuals).
11.    A certificate from the secondary school (in cases when the applicant is a student of the final year of secondary school, at the time of application:
1)    Applicant’s full name
2)    Year of study
3) Date of graduation
4) Date of award with official document on completion of studies
5) School principal’s signature
6) School’s stamp
7) Date of its issue

*Submitted for enrollment
**TOEFL PBT are required to be submitted by the international applicants from the countries where official IELTS and TOEFL iBT are not available

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